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A blog post about a blog post

I attended two events this past weekend, both very much fun and very inspirational. I came away with the thought that the most powerful, energetic, creative and supportive humans in the world are middle-aged women. I feel honored to be among them! If the world could only harness that energy...I mean, after we've raised our children, and worked many jobs, and traveled many places, and broke new ground, and started second and third careers, and hiked, and built and cared for, and supported each other in our normal everyday lives.

Here is a post about one of those events here!

Oh, and I got a new, fabulous JOB!!! More about that later...


Illustration Friday--WHISPER


GPP Street Team Crusade #5

This looked like a fun off your house and inspiration!

On my front patio


Come in my front door


On to the living room


Stairs on the right

Dining room on the left

Into the family room, or at least the parts that are relatively clean

And, on the kitchen, which we just finished painting the chalkboard backsplash yesterday!

Lastly, this is my little napping spot upstairs outside my office. Used for inspirational purposes of course!

As you can tell, I am always drawn to color and anything I fall in love with, which tends to be alot of things.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!




Another one for Illustration Friday

Today's magic word is JOURNEY!


This is called Right Before I Fall Asleep:



For Illustration Friday

this week's theme--toy! here is Baby Jumbo